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Risk Management

Even though we are optimistic by nature here at Caring for Clients, we also realize that it is impossible to live a risk free life.  They key is to identify which risks you can and should mitigate with insurance, and which risks are best handled through lifestyle choices.  And we can help you.

Do you wonder how much and what type of insurance you should have?  Do you need life, disability, critical illness or long term care insurance? Should it be term coverage for the lowest cost now or permanent for longer term planning?  Yeah, these are tough questions, particularly when your dollar has to go such a long way these days.  Between paying the bills, saving for retirement and your kids’ education, paying down debt and having some fun in the here and now, where does the money come from for insurance?  The fact is that understanding how insurance fits into your busy life, limited budget and goals for the future is really important and we can help you figure it all out.  Our clients count on us to provide insurance advice that respects their unique circumstances, needs and budget.  

But we don’t stop there.  We also look at other risks like illness and job loss or other income uncertainty.  For example, we assess the risk of having children that are financially dependent on you for longer than expected or of aging parents that need financial help in their later years or the risk that your business venture does not reach its full potential.  There are ways to become more financial bullet proof from the risks that are harder to control for and we open your eyes to the options.

I always say, when building a house, the builder starts with the foundation.  It isn’t the sexy part of the building, and at the end of the day you can’t even see it.  But the house and the roof couldn’t exist without a solid foundation and your financial life should be no different.   Your financial position is strengthened by the sound footing of a well-crafted insurance strategy.  We can help you craft that plan and find greater peace of mind as a result.

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