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The way we see it, your business is our business too.

Our complete set of Corporate Care Services offers employers assurance that their business and its staff are taken care of, no matter how the marketplace may shift. Caring For Clients™ takes a personal approach to financial planning, offering your employees the benefit of an individual growth plan, appropriate investment options, advice and education -- allowing them to focus on their work, while we focus on their future.

Following, we offer more detail on each of our Corporate Care Services:

Financial Planning
We take a one-on-one approach to financial planning -- meeting with individual employees to understand their current situation and their goals for the future, then working with them to plan how they'll get from here to where they want to be. This service can be offered across all levels or as a value-add benefit to senior team members.

Group Health Insurance Benefits Analysis and Implementation*
Need some help selecting an Insurance Benefits plan that will meet the needs of your employees without dampening shareholder spirits? Allow us to analyze your options or audit your existing plan, identifying and implementing the right choice for your business. Our service includes employee training/education.

Corporate Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance
Through our partners, we arrange and secure liability insurance to protect your senior staff from personal suits filed against them as a result of serving the interests of your organization.

Corporate Life/Disability Insurance
Adequately protecting business owners with Corporate Life/Disability Insurance can generate critical funding for the purchase and sale of shares owned by a deceased or disabled shareholder. We will walk you through the complex tax laws which apply in this scenario, minimizing your risk by arming you with the understanding you need to protect your interests.

Group Retirement Programs
Implementing Retirement Programs like group RRSPs makes saving for retirement almost effortless. Not only does it offer your employees the security of savings and a pre-tax benefit, it positions you as an employer of choice in a competitive hiring market. We'll review the options with you, helping you select between shared, contributory and non-contributory programs.

Employee Stock Option Programs
Rewarding employees with stock options is a smart way to increase their investment in the success of the organization. We'll help you design a tax-effective option plan that meets your company's strategic needs – then, we'll present the plan to your employees so they learn how exciting having a stock option can be.

Individual Pension Plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements
A more tax-effective alternative to the typical retirement savings approach, Individual Pension Plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements offer senior executives and business owners a way to protect their standard of living well beyond their working years.

Employee Severance Financial Counseling
Ease the sting of severance with personal financial counseling. We'll help transition your employee's finances through the severance period, delivering a sense of security and optimism in what can be a very uncertain time.

*Group and individual insurance provided through HUB Financial Inc.












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