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April 2017

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Interest rates are still low. As a result, we are increasingly asked if it makes more sense to invest extra cash rather than pay down debt. The same...

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May 2014

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by Mark Goodfield C.A.

In August 2011, Mark posted a blog titled “The Income Tax implications of Purchasing a Rental Property”. There are 300 comments and answers on that post...

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February 2014

This special issue is designed to highlight the budget changes that will have the greatest impact on our clients.  It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the...

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October 2013

Guest blog from Mark Goodfield , CPA CA LPA Cunningham LLP



Believe it or not you can be charged a 20% penalty for missing information that...

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September 2013


Whether incorporated or a home based sole proprietor, business owners can deduct many operating expenses from their income.  Here is a list of the most common expenses and a...

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March 2013

This summary is intended to highlight the aspects of the budget that will affect some or all of our business owner clients. It is not meant to be...

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This summary is intended to highlight the aspects of the budget that will affect some or all of our clients. It is not meant to be a comprehensive...

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Some Canadians have been asking their tax preparer not to file their return electronically because they believe that it increases the chance of an audit.

Whether e-filing increases...

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January 2013

Being self-employed has many benefits, one of which is that business owners get increased tax planning opportunities.

Self-employment is a great tax-shelter because of the many tax deductions...

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Scientific research and experimental development credits (SR&ED) represent a significant financing and cash flow source for Canadian small businesses. Under this tax incentive program, corporations can get a...

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