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April 2011

If you are fully disabled for the rest of your working life, the disability benefits within your group medical insurance can easily exceed $1 million over time....

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March 2011

In past blogs I have highlighted how to find an unclaimed bank balance and a missing life insurance policy.

As it turns out, there are millions of...

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This is often the response when I tell clients what it would cost to replace their company group health insurance if they become self-employed or find new...

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February 2011

Mortgages are more often sold than bought. Evidence of this truth is best illustrated by the number of Canadians choosing to buy into the TD Collateral Mortgage structure.


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January 2011

A few Money Insights readers that read the most recent blog regarding searching for unclaimed bank balances asked if there was a similar search service for missing life insurance...

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At the end of 2009, there were over one million unclaimed bank account balances worth $395 million dollars in Canada. 

An "unclaimed balance" is a Canadian-dollar deposit or negotiable...

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December 2010

If you have been a member of a pension plan for a number of years, the benefits you have accumulated in the plan could be an important (possibly your primary)...

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November 2010

Did you know that most insurance companies use the Internet as an underwriting tool?

A recent article written by Manulife Financial advises that for insurance companies, the internet is a...

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September 2010

Caring for an ill parent brings many challenges; emotional, logistical, physical and financial.

On the financial front, in spite of our government funded health care system, caring for an...

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August 2010

Fighting about money is one of the most common reasons for divorce in North America. Many couples face an overwhelming task when creating and managing the household income. These...

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