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December 2010

If you have been a member of a pension plan for a number of years, the benefits you have accumulated in the plan could be an important (possibly your primary)...

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November 2010

Did you know that most insurance companies use the Internet as an underwriting tool?

A recent article written by Manulife Financial advises that for insurance companies, the internet is a...

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September 2010

Caring for an ill parent brings many challenges; emotional, logistical, physical and financial.

On the financial front, in spite of our government funded health care system, caring for an...

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August 2010

Fighting about money is one of the most common reasons for divorce in North America. Many couples face an overwhelming task when creating and managing the household income. These...

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I took my daughter to Great Wolf Lodge recently, which is a family resort built around an indoor water park.

The park highlights are the water slides. They range from...

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July 2010

It is a well known fact in the insurance industry that bank mortgage life insurance is underwritten at the time of claim.

It is not as well known by...

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For most Canadians, a mortgage is the largest debt they ever take on. Much time and attention is given to negotiating the lowest possible interest rate, but typically much...

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I multi-task and I know that it interferes with my productivity. 

Recently, expert sales and productivity coach Nicki Weiss wrote a fantastic article on how (and why) to stop multi-tasking.  Below...

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June 2010

Now I've seen it all.

A friend of mine recently told me about a financial advisory firm that offers:

A FREE financial plan


A FREE Clublink golf lesson.


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It amazes me that millions of Canadians have billions of dollars invested in Money Market Funds (MMFs) that are earning no interest for all intents and purposes. In fact...

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