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September 2013


Whether incorporated or a home based sole proprietor, business owners can deduct many operating expenses from their income.  Here is a list of the most common expenses and a...

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July 2013

  Getting Married


How can getting married be an estate planning mistake?  Well, in most Canadian Provinces, marriage automatically revokes a will made prior to the marriage unless the...

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June 2013

Those who have agreed to act as a Power of Attorney for property may be subject to additional reporting requirements in the future.  If the proposed amendments to the Substitute...

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May 2013

You’ve heard of High Frequency Trading (HFT) but have you seen it?

The 2010 flash crash has been blamed on HFT. For those of you...

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April 2013

The AODA’s deadline for providers of goods and services with 20 or more employees to file a Customer Service Accessibility Compliance Report was December 31, 2012.

AODA stands...

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March 2013

This summary is intended to highlight the aspects of the budget that will affect some or all of our business owner clients. It is not meant to be...

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This summary is intended to highlight the aspects of the budget that will affect some or all of our clients. It is not meant to be a comprehensive...

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Some Canadians have been asking their tax preparer not to file their return electronically because they believe that it increases the chance of an audit.

Whether e-filing increases...

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February 2013

If you are planning a trip to Florida anytime soon, do not pass GO, do not collect $200, but go directly to your local CAA office with...

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January 2013

Being self-employed has many benefits, one of which is that business owners get increased tax planning opportunities.

Self-employment is a great tax-shelter because of the many tax deductions...

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