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17 years of caring

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Successful financial planning relies on a close bond and complete trust between the client and the planning professional.

Here is the process we follow to ensure you are completely comfortable and that we have the information needed to develop the best plan for you.

The bullets on the right indicate who is responsible for each step.
1 Meet with us to become entirely comfortable with Caring for Clients and how we work.
2 Make a decision to have us become your financial planners.  
3 Help us get a clear picture of your personal situation, your concerns, and your goals.
4 Assess your present situation in light of your goals.  
5 Identify any existing financial problems and opportunities.  
6 Develop a draft plan with alternative courses of action.  
7 Discuss and make adjustments, then decide and implement the best strategy for you.
8 Provide ongoing guidance and support  

MoneySense Approved Financial Advisor    

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